Join us for a livestream event, AI in Business Insights, Innovation, and Strategy. We’re convening an elite panel of experts from Amazon, SPARCK, Reaktor, and Stripe Partners, diving deep into the role of AI in business decision-making and strategic planning.

As our world continues to digitally evolve, AI is becoming an essential tool in understanding and responding to these changes. This evolution offers both incredible opportunities and notable challenges. AI’s potential for application in shaping business insights, driving innovation, crafting strategy, and other areas is profound.

In this livestream, our esteemed panelists will share their unique experiences and perspectives on implementing AI in their organizations. They will discuss the benefits and challenges, share lessons learned, and touch on the vital ethical considerations associated with integrating AI into business practices.

Our Panelists:

The Host:

  • Matt Artz – Founder & Lead Consultant at Azimuth Labs


  1. Welcome: Welcome and explanation of objectives
  2. Introductions & Experience with AI: Each panelist will share their unique experiences with AI
  3. Panel Discussion: We will delve into the potential of AI, its benefits and challenges, integration experiences, and ethical considerations
  4. Audience Q&A: Engage in a lively interactive session where panelists answer your queries
  5. Closing Remarks: Recap of key takeaways

Whether you’re a business professional eager to incorporate AI into your strategy, an enthusiast keen on understanding AI’s role in business, or just interested in learning from leading industry experts, this livestream promises to deliver valuable insights and stimulating discussions.

Don’t miss out on being part of this important conversation about the integration of AI in business.

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