Why We Need an Anthropology-Specific Large Language Model


Introduction In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, understanding the nuances of human language and behavior has never been more critical. The amount of data being produced globally every day is constantly increasing and it is difficult to give an exact number. In 2020, it was estimated the amount of data [...]

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How Multimodal AI Benefits Anthropology


Introduction Anthropologists have long known that understanding human culture is a complex task that requires multiple perspectives. Imagine a world where the perspectives are not limited to just human-made observations but also include the perspective of machines, where the machine can understand the tone of voice, the facial expression, and the context of a conversation. [...]

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Towards an Ethnographic Algorithm


Introduction With the rise of computational anthropology that uses anthropology and data science principles, new opportunities are becoming available that never were before. One of those is the potential to create what might be referred to as an ethnographic algorithm that is capable of conducting an ethnographic study like a human might. Hypothetical, yes, but [...]

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What is Computational Anthropology?


Introduction Computational anthropology is an interdisciplinary field that combines the methods and theories of anthropology with computational techniques and technologies, such as data science, machine learning, and network analysis. This approach allows anthropologists to analyze large and complex data sets, extract meaningful insights, and generate new hypotheses about human behavior and social dynamics. Computational anthropology [...]

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What is AI-Assisted Ethnography?


Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we conduct research, and one method particularly ripe for innovation is ethnography. Ethnography is anthropology's hallmark method and has traditionally been a labor-intensive and time-consuming process of studying human cultures and society. At Azimuth Labs, we use traditional ethnography and increasingly AI-assisted ethnography to research consumers and [...]

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Towards an AI Anthropology


Introduction Could there be an AI Anthropology? We are working towards this at Azimuth Labs because we believe that anthropology and data science, when combined, are more robust than either discipline individually. But how would artificial intelligence (AI) and anthropology work together? In this article, we look at AI, Anthropology and envision the future partnership [...]

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